Historic Pier 70 - San Francisco Development Project

Location: Located at the corner of 20th & Illinois Street. Former United Iron Works /
Bethlehem Steel Corporation Administrative Offices.



Upon Request

Architect: Designed by noted local architect Fredrick H. Meyer (1917).
Floors/Size: 6 stories,  with a total of approximately 65,000 rentable sq. ft.
Building History: This Classic Revival style building replaced Building 104 as the new main administrative office building. It was built to accommodate the “enormously increased business of the Potrero plant and its branch across the bay,” in Alameda. Architect Frederick H. Meyer told the San Francisco Chronicle in January 1917 that the building, then under construction, would be the largest and best-equipped private office building in the West, accommodating clerical, professional and executive staff.
Future Use: Building 101 will return to office use on the top four floors. The historic commissary on the park level is expected to return to industrial food production use or ancillary office uses.